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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which heat pumps/indoor modules work with NIBE Uplink?

Check the compatibility of your heat pump/indoor module by filling in its serial number below.

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How do I connect my system to NIBE Uplink?

Connecting your system to NIBE Uplink requires an internet connection to the system's ethernet connector. To connect a user to the system, follow these instructions.

  1. The serial number and the connection string can be found in menu, nibe uplink, on the main unit. If you go into that menu, the following screen is displayed.

  2. Select "request new connection string” and press OK. The main unit will now communicate with nibe uplink and confirm a connection string. When this has been done, the screen below is displayed.

  3. The identification numbers displayed on the screen can be used to identify the system in nibe uplink for 60 minutes, or until they have been used once.

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What is a connection string?

A connection string is a code that is used to ensure that only those authorized can control your system. By using the connection string for authentication you can be sure that only those who had physical access to your heat pump/indoor module can connect their user account to it and control it. The connection string is generated when you request a new connection string and it is then valid for one hour or until it has been used once.

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What connection speed does NIBE Uplink need?

The connection speed is not significant to the functionality of NIBE Uplink. A fixed connection is recommended, but not a requirement.

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Can I connect my heat pump or heating system through a WiFi connection?

The system is not equipped with WiFi but you can find appropriate equipment at your computer retailer to convert wireless signals to wired. Please contact your computer retailer for more information about network solutions.

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How do I set the router/modem for NIBE Uplink?

No special settings are required for the router/modem to make contact with NIBE Uplink.

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Will my subscription be automatically extended?

When the contract period ends you will receive an e-mail with a question about extending the subscription.

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Do I lose the settings of my heat pump/indoor module when I update its software?

No, your settings are preserved when updating the software of your heat pump/indoor module.

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Why can't I upgrade the software of my heat pump/indoor module?

When having problems updating the software of your heating system, make sure the USB stick is formatted with FAT32 file system. After formatting copy the program file to your USB stick and try once again. A software update takes between 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

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Where can I find the serial number of my heat pump/indoor module?

The serial number is shown in menu 3.1. Select Info and then Service Info and scroll to the last page to find your serial number.

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Can I control everything in my system via NIBE Uplink?

All menus, except the service menus, my icons and date and time, can be accessed via NIBE Uplink. On the other hand, actions that require a physical change, such as restarting the system or activating emergency mode, cannot be taken.

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I cannot log in to NIBE Uplink.

Start by making sure that your internet connection is working. If the internet is working, you can check the log in page to see if there is a temporary fault with NIBE Uplink.

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I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

On the log in page you can find a link to a page where you may reset your password. You need to remember your registered e-mail address in order to reset your password.

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Which web browser is recommended for NIBE Uplink?

We recommend to always use the latest version of one of the major browser manufacturers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). It is also a requirement to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer as it is no longer maintained by Microsoft.

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What do you recommend to keep my NIBE Uplink product and my account from being hacked?

We are continuously improving the security in the products and software we develop. It is for that reason important that you, as with all equipment connected to the Internet, continuously update the software in the products connected to NIBE Uplink and to follow best-practices regarding cyber security as published by well-regarded institutes on the subject.

For example:

  1. Always use long passwords consisting of alphabetical characters, numbers and other symbols. This applies both to your home wifi network and for web services like NIBE Uplink.

  2. Don't reuse password, make sure to always use unique passwords for each new service.

  3. Make sure to always have a firewall activated between the Internet and your home network/NIBE Uplink product.

  4. Continuously update the software in all devices on your home network. This includes also non-typical computers such as router/firewall, refrigerator, heat pump, light bulbs and toys.

  5. Update phones, tablets and laptops regularly when updates to operating systems, softwares and anti-virus applications are released.

  6. Don't use products which no longer receive security updates from the manufacturer.

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What should I do when ownership of my heating system is changed?

When a system that is connected to NIBE Uplink changes ownership, the previous owner should disconnect their user account from the affected system so that the new owner can connect to the relevant system.

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What services are included in the basic subscription?

The basic service includes monitoring the system, history of a number of variables for the last month and you receive an e-mail in the event of an alarm.

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Why is the time and date updated automatically on my system?

NIBE Uplink uses SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol). When your system is connected to our servers, the time and date are updated automatically. This means that the system always has the correct time and date and you therefore do not need to worry about changing back and forth between summer time/standard time. In order for the automatic timing to function, the correct time zone must be set in the system in menu 4.4 time & date.

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How do I get software for my system that does not support NIBE Uplink?

You can also download software for systems that do not support NIBE Uplink? Register on the page and log in. Then click on Software and search for your system using its serial number. If there is software available for your system. follow the instructions and images for how to go about updating the software for your system.