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Freedom - anytime, anywhere

With NIBE Uplink and internet you get a quick overview and present status of the heat pump and the heating in your property. You get a clear and solid overview where you can monitor and control the heating and domestic hot water comfort. If your system is affected by an operational disturbance you receive an alert via e-mail that allows you to react quickly.

For NIBE F1145*, F1245*, F1155, F1255, F1345*, F370*, F470*, F750*, VVM310, VVM320, VVM325, VVM500*, SMO20, SMO40
* Product compatibility

Which products are supported?

Check the compatibility of your heat pump/indoor module by filling in its serial number below.

Stay informed

NIBE Uplink keeps track of which software suits your system and makes the latest version available for download and upgrade.

For NIBE F1126, F1226, F1145, F1245, F1155, F1255, F1345, F370, F470, F750, VVM310, VVM320, VVM325, VVM500, SMO20, SMO40